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Gospel Meetings

Gospel Meeting

Christ as Seen in the Scriptures

Michael A Golwitzer II

MichaelGolwitzer2       MichaelGolwitzer2

July 28th – 21st

“Christ as Seen in the Scriptures”

Michael A. Golwitzer, Evangelist. Michael A. Golwitzer II graduated from Kearsley High School and in 2002 from the Memphis School of Preaching. He completed his bachelor degree from Amridge University in Biblical Studies. In 2008, the Southern Christian University, Montgomery, Alabama, changed the institution’s name to Amridge University. He preached in Batestburg-Leesville, SC; Fort Wayne, IN; Elizabethtown, KY; Milan, MI; and Radcliff, KY. His success is largely because of his trust in Jesus Christ’s blessings and promises, love for truth, love for souls, and love for Bible study. He brings with him his children: Michael A. Golwitzer III, Caleb Golwitzer and Katelynn Golwitzer. .

Great Biblical Examples

Ted Thrasher Director, Online Academy of Biblical Studies


October 18th – 21st

“Great Biblical Examples”

The Faith of Abraham; Job: Our Example of Patience; David: A Man After God’s Own Heart; Ezra: Prepared His Heart to Serve God;The Growth of Peter and Jesus: Our Perfect Example

Ted J. Thrasher, Evangelist. Ted has been preaching the Gospel since 1982. Ted and his wife Julia have 2 children. Ted is a graduate of the McLoud School of Preaching and has labored with churches in Oklahoma and Missouri.  He is a fellow laborer with the work in the Mid-West School of Biblical Studies, International Bible Studies Lectures and the Mid-West Lectures. Ted is an instructor and director of the Online Academy of Biblical Studies. Evangelist for the Olathe Church of Christ, 515 West Park Street, Olathe, Kansas 66061 Email:

End of Year Gospel Meeting

Speaker Brother Harrison Morgan


“Searching for Opportunities”>

December 27-28, 2014>

Seminar Series at Webberville church of Christ

Friday December 26

First Sermon7:00 PM Biblical Principles.

Second Sermon8:00 PM Biblical Examples.

Church of Christ of Genesee County, Saturday December 27

Evening Sermon: 6:00 PM What are opportunities?

Sunday December 28
Morning Bible Study Hour: 10:00 AM How can we get moreopportunities?

Morning Worship: 11:00 AM What opportunities does a new year present?

Evening Worship: 6:00 PM When should we not wait for a good opportunity?

 Spring Gospel Meeting


Speaker Brother Tracy Dugger

May 30, 2014 through June 1, 2014

Friday ,7:00 p.m. 30th  Audio   The Church, God’s Plan Of Salvation

Sunday, AM 11:00 a.m.   Audio     Abraham’s Worship
Sunday, PM 6:00 p.m.    Audio     Joseph’s Perseverance
Brother Dugger is the preacher for the Crandall church of Christ in Shady Valley Tennessee.

The Crandall church of Christ and Brother Dugger has been an encouragement to the work of the church of Christ of Genesee County.  Brother Dugger is an excellent preacher and his lessons of great value. Click image for PDF flyer


Fall 2013 Gospel Meeting

Charles Coats

August 30

 Audio   The Rule Book

August 31

September 1

Brother Coats is the preacher for the Webberville church of Christ in Webberville, Michigan.  He is a friend of the truth, teacher with Online Academy of Biblical Studies.  Brother Coats was our first gospel meeting at the church of Christ of Genesee County.


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